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After several popular TEDx talks, David JP Phillips has been touring the world, delivering seminars, coaching and trainings - but one person, even with colleagues can only do so much which is very minimal on a global level. Until now - where anyone, anywhere in the world can through the Online Campus, access the unique content of David JP Phillips, do online courses, take part in discussions, receive valuable feedback and achieve sough after accreditations to strengthen your résumé.



David JP Phillips TEDx talk on PowerPoint has become massively popular and is now closing in on 1 million views. But how do you create all the effects in that video, and how do you take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level, well this course will give you the answers to that and a lot more you need to know and learn about how to build great PowerPoint presentations. The course gives some technical instructions to create the different effects but is not a course in technical PowerPoint.

Sample video from the course

Example from the TEDx-talk

Target group

Anyone who wants take their PowerPoint presentations to the next level in regards to ease of understanding, impact and effect on the audience.


  • The presentation
  • Slide delivery
  • The 6 commandments
  • Magical audience control
  • Brain efficient design
  • ExamplesFree digital copy of the book “How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint”

Price and license

$50 for one license which can be used by one person for one year.


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