The Angels & Devils Cocktail

Good morning! 😃 How did you start your day today? A sip of the Angels cocktail or the Devils cocktail? Which one? Better be sure because It makes the entire difference to your emotional state, your decision making, your perspective, your creativity, your health and how you relate to your friends, family and colleagues! And which of the two your workplace provides will be the difference between long term success, well being and an unpleasant unnecessary struggle for progress many times leading to failure.

David JP Phillips has with his +4 millions views built some of the most viewed TEDx-talks in their respective geners and now he is back with a keynote that he refers to has his master piece. In the WOW-keynote, he dives in to the depths of human biology like no one has before. He makes the complex – simple. The intangible – tangible. Not only tangible but functional, useful and most importantly – you will experience the difference right there and then! And tomorrow when you wake up you know how consciously take a sip from the Angels Cocktail. You will know how to be part of and build a brighter and better future for yourself, your colleagues and your organization

I am confident in that this single hour could be one of the most well invested hour in the history of your organization.

Your chemistry and how to control it to create a super human you.
Oxytocin - How to create teams that work for real.
Dopamine - How to create motivation on tap for yourself and others.

Quality Guarantee
If you want the latest and the best. This is the one. The keynote is guaranteed to deliver energy, humor, insights, knowledge! Whats unique with the keynote from so many others on the theme of leadership and self leadership is that people will here and there truly feel each signaling substance individually and they will learn how to induce it in them self and in others at will. This means that everyone in the audience will know, want and be motivated to make a difference in their role in the organisation! Its a keynote they will talk about for years.

Lets make real impact together!

What previous students say

"Am extremely happy I got the opportunity to take part in this course. The development during these 2 days was much greater than I would’ve ever hoped for. What bugs me is only that I didn’t find this course earlier in my career life! Step 2 is already booked and I really look forward to continue on the journey I’ve just started."

Marcus Alsing
"Awesome course! I usually deliver many presentations. David gave me many great and new angles I will have GREAT use of! Recommended for both beginners and experiences people!"

Staffan Beckett
"David is a brilliant trainer in the art of presentations. These days give you a lot of very good tools to improve your techniques and is really suitable for speakers at all levels. I am inspired to ensure I integrate all aspects and techniques and constantly improve my way of presenting and communicating in general. I work as a Business Unit Director within Pharma. Highly recommended for everyone!"

Carl-Gustav Fabiansson
"When I entered the course I was actually a little afraid for the challenges I would be exposed to. When I left I wanted to be exposed to challenges! To me this was a turning point in my life regarding my fear of presenting in front of groups. Through small means we were taught how to create big changes in our presentations. I felt very safe with David and the course is well organized and thought through. We laughed a lot and I can probably speak for all participants that we left the course full of energy and with tons of knowledge about how we function as individuals."

Camilla Åström