Duration: 1 day

Description: As usual, our course “Death by PowerPoint in Practice” is not like any other course in PowerPoint on the market. Our focus is to provide you with an education that is just what you need! Of course, we will give you exactly the technical skills that you need, and the aesthetic skills in how to make your PowerPoint look awesome, but that´s not all. After completing this course, you will know exactly how to deal with the cognitive limitations of your next audience and make sure they understand what you mean and remember what you said.


Our teachers know all features in all versions of PowerPoint, only so we can make your life easier!

You may bring your own laptop so you get to work in your own version of PowerPoint and in your own computer environment. If you don’t have a laptop, we will provide you with one throughout the course. Our goal is for you to get as much as possible out of this course, so we do recommend you bring an already existing Power Point you regularly use. Together we´ll either rebuild or start from scratch, depending on your preference, where you get full support, help and coaching. Groups are limited to 6 people to be able to give everyone as much support and assistance as they need to build their PowerPoints.



Basic computer skills and basic Microsoft Office knowledge

Target group:
This course is for those who understand that PowerPoint is a great tool if used correctly and now wants to learn the most important and the best technical features in PowerPoint. An individual that also wants to learn how to really build a great PowerPoint with cognitive and psychological aspect in mind.

After the course, you will have great knowledge of all the technical features you need to build a PowerPoint. Rather than using fictional PowerPoint files, you´ll get the privilege of using an already existing Power Point or produce a new from scratch with our help at the course.


  • Modern research in Communication
  • PowerPoint, strenghts and weaknesses
  • The 14 most important features in PowerPoint
  • Using templates effectively
  • Presenters View
  • How to download video and insert in your PowerPoint
  • How to add other media
  • Functional animations in PowerPoint
  • Alternative means
  • How to make a good delivery of your PowerPoin
  • Cognitive aspects to consider
  • The 7 aesthetic tips that makes all the difference
  • How to create a PowerPoint your audience will actually remember
  • The excerpts of our lecture “How to avoid Death by PowerPoint”

Practical exercises

  • Rebuild your own PowerPoint presentation
  • 2 presentation exercises
  • Individual coaching throughout the day
  • 1 perception exercise