Duration: 80-100 minutes

Today’s most relevant seminar? This could very well be the case. According to Swedish studies PowerPoint is used in 92% of all presentations. 81% of these presentations were deemed “terrible” by the employees. But why is that and what is it that makes them so terrible? PowerPoint is one of the absolute best visual aids, but only when used correctly.

For two hours, we will take you on an entertaining and fascinating journey of Cognitive Science, Neurology and Psychology on how to make a PowerPoint brilliant.

Fun, creative and inspiring presentations are exemplified and interspersed with tips and advice. When the seminar is over the participants are guaranteed to never see PowerPoint in the same way again, and they will know exactly what to do with it.


Here you can see an excerpt of a 20-minute seminar, taken from TEDx Stockholm Link to YouTube


  • Death By PowerPoint
  • Why PowerPoint
  • What is good
  • What is bad
  • Manuscript
  • PowerPoint is not a manuscript
  • Examples and exercises
  • Other visual aids
  • The benefit of using other visual aids
  • Brief introductions to Prezi
  • Presentation tips
  • 8 practical presentation tips on how to present using PowerPoint as a visual aid.
  • Design tips
  • 10 design tips on how to design a perfect PowerPoint and which pitfalls to avoid.
  • Several examples and three exercises

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