NOW – Modern Self Leadership (WOW2)

Sep 20 2019 - Sep 22 2019
12:00 - 16:00

“NOW – Modern Self Leadership” stands alone from WOW and you can participate in what order you want. In WOW you will learn to maximize your performance, how to choose your state and how your hormones feel, are experienced and can be controlled.

So what is NOW?

There is an almost magical state that we don’t practice in WOW and that is freedom of thought – a constant flow of oxytocin instead of cortisol. To not use your thoughts whatsoever and be in the most fulfilling state that exists – the now!

Have you ever realized that worry, irritation, anxiety, fear, depression, spitefulness and jealousness ONLY exists in the past or the future. The vital parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) rules the now and everything in life is different if that is in top shape.

We will focus on you and why it is completely vital that you can control what state you are in. You will experience the latest knowledge and research in biology and neurology to define your NOW. You will be able to measure your PNS, handle it and optimize it.

NOW focuses less that WOW on theoretical talk and instead more on individual practices with a purpose in giving you more varied experiences and a bigger combination of methods and impressions. This way will keep the focus on the PRESENT and give your PNS a nice reset and restart towards your future life.

Davids background to NOW

“My thoughts when I built WOW was to create the ultimate self leadership course available – giving you all the tools you need to maximize your performance! When I lived WOW to the max my life reached higher peaks and I could handle basically every situation I wanted – how cool! BUT even if I could perform on another level, there were still an imbalance in my PNS that made me feel less optimal than I wanted. I didn’t sleep the way I should, didn’t heal like I should and sometimes needed to fight hard to control my thoughts. That is why I decided to study and gather all the research I could on how to measure, practice and maximize the most important in us all – the parasympathetic nervous system. And wow – inside of us all there is a natural energy, a constant flow of oxytocin! The combination of WOW and NOW gives you the complete knowledge for an unwavering self leadership.

Target group

The course fits you if you want to grow as a person and as a leader. If you want to find harmony and a calm in life regardless of influencing factors. You can participate in WOW or NOW in what order you like but there is an advantage in joining WOW prior to NOW. You can also participate over and over again if you like.


After the course you will be able to view your PNS as the most important thing inside of yourself. You will heal faster, think clearer, be more present in your presentations and feel a bigger gratitude to everything! To summarize, your self leadership will grow immenselyand therefore take your leadership to a new level!


10 800 SEK includes full accommodation at the Manor on the country side.


The course starts 12.00 on the friday and ends 16.00 on the sunday.


  • The latest research on the brain and how biology and neurology affects you in the now
  • How our hormones and neurology works
  • How you can produce a certain type of hormones on command by bring in the now
  • How you reduce stress and your cortisol in the most effective way
  • The bodys physical impact on your stress and your thoughts
  • To experience and replicate presence and the now when ever you want
  • Different mindfullness practices
  • Deep knowledge about your Heart Rate Variation
  • Measurement of your Heart Rate Variation and Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Experience all your senses amplified
  • Triggers and their applications
  • Four forms of meditation that creates growth in four different parts of the brain
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques to activate your PNS
  • Repetition of some important parts of WOW
  • We will enjoy life over the weekend!

Practical exercises

  • +15 practical exercises
  • Six reflection exercises
  • Eight self-exercises
  • Individual coaching



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