Presentation skills Step 1

Apr 08 2019 - Apr 09 2019
09:00 - 17:00


Modern Presentation Skills – Step 1 is no ordinary workshop in presentation skills. Simply put, I wouldn’t call it a workshop, I’d rather call it a journey of development based on the latest scientific findings in communication combined with the profound knowledge accumulated over the years in the field of classical rhetoric.

The focus is not about delivering a bunch of theory combined with a few practical exercises but rather on lifting you and every individual participant from your current level to a higher level characterised by two things: Sharper communication and more successful presentations.

The journey of development contains both theory and individual practical exercises along with at least four separate presentations, one video taping session and a very appreciated individual coaching dialogue at the end of the second day. As a participant on this developmental journey you will gain new knowledge, learn special techniques and skills, and learn to control your nerves. Alongside with that, this journey will lift you up to a whole new level as a presenter.

Previous experience

No previous experience required

Target group

This course is for anyone who wants to develop their presentation skills. The level is suitable for the vast majority of presenters wishing to excel their presentation skills to a new level. If you have any questions regarding your own level and however it´s suitable for the class, feel free to contact me, David Phillips, personally and we´ll sort it out together.


At the end of the course you shall feel comfortable in disposing, illustrating and delivering an impactful and convincing presentation. You will also experience what you´re doing right and what you can improve for the future and how that feels to really maximise your potential.



  • Modern science on public speaking
  • Brain Basics
  • Motivational model – how to create motivation
  • Reduce and manage your nervousness
  • Body language and the power it emits
  • Eye contact and facial expressions
  • The four most crucial voice instruments
  • Eye contact
  • Preparations
  • Basic rhetorics
  • The crucial structure – a psychologically optimized structure.
  • The beginning and ending
  • Maintaining a clear thread
  • How to attract all attention and maintain in through the entire presentation
  • Structure to build a presentation
  • Disposition
  • Where does spontaneousness come from and how can it be improved
  • Death By PowerPoint
  • Alternative visual aids
  • Questions

Praktiska övningar

  • 1 communication exercise
  • 4 individual presentations
  • 2 individual coaching sessions
  • 1 perception exercise





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