Sep 30 2019 - Oct 01 2019
09:00 - 17:00

Singapore, USA and Russia – the day I stood on the TEDx stage in Stockholm I never thought that my talk on storytelling would take me all over the world and generate millions of views. I’m very grateful for being able to teach this subject to so many people. Unfortunately, there is a lack of depth, education and knowledge in those 16 minutes. A talk is one thing and a course is another.

For that reason – welcome to the worlds most influential subject! No technique, no method in sales, communication, education and leadership is as powerful as storytelling – or like the name of this course “Story-Selling” where every story that we tell has a purpose in selling an idea, a laugh, an insight or an experience.

Just like in Modern Presentation Skills, you will get infinitely more that storytelling. You will learn how you can make your audience addicted to you with just your voice, how you can influence your audiences hormones and neurotransmitters to create effects you thought were impossible and how you will get a level of attention in storytelling like never before. Lastly, you will learn how to deliver your stories and presentations on a much higher och sharper level!


It’s an advantage in taking ‘Modern Presentation Skills’ prior to this course, but it’s not a must.

Target group

This course is for you if you want to raise your sales, leadership, communication and presentations to new heights through storytelling – a more powerful language and advanced techniques in how you can seduce your audience or the person that you are talking to.


After this course you will be able to find, index, build and deliver storytelling! You will do it with a seductive language and a precision that makes storytelling the most powerful technique you have in your arsenal.


  • How to hack a brain
  • The brain and our neurotransmitters
  • We always tell stories
  • Psychologically optimized storytelling structure
  • The four vital steps
  • Including more senses in your stories
  • How you gather and index your stories
  • The delivery of your story is half the success
  • Rhetorical masters
  • Rhetorical analysis
  • Giving a speech in your presentation
  • The Halo Effect and Benjamin Franklin
  • A lot of practice and video recording

Practical activities

  • Six individual presentations
  • Six coaching sessions
  • Two collective coaching sessions
  • One active coaching
  • Video recording

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