WOW - Modern Self-leadership

“WOW – Modern Self-leadership” is a leadership education that is completely unique. Our founder David JP Phillips has for 10 years nationally and internationally taught, coached and lectured in how biology and neurology affect our communication with ourselves and with the people around us, as well as it is the basis of our self-communication that is at the heart of our whole happiness and the ones we are.
In a brilliant way, David and others take you on a journey into the world of biology, where you gain insight into what rules, questions, and internal claims which are constantly consciously or unconsciously circulating in your brain and how it affects you and everyone around you on a daily basis.

And MOST IMPORTANT of all, tools and techniques – how to do something about it, how to actually take control of yourself and your life, how to create the one you really want to be!

The weekend will be filled with exercises, practical experiences, reflections, relaxation, cozy and fun, as well as theory and explanations of how and why it neurologically and biologically is quite possible to change your own person to the one you want to be and not the person you become just by coincidence.

The course aims at you who wants to live up to your fully potential and not be prevented by mental barriers, which are not created by coincidence or wish.

At the end of the course you will gain a greater knowledge about yourself and how you develop and manage yourself. In a way, you will feel that you get the manual you always wanted to have. It is of course not the most important subject – the most important subject is that you will feel how you, if you want, has changed to someone you actually want to be.

What you will learn from the course

How you can consciously control your 7 hormones to your advantage
The importance of body language for your mental attitude
Methods for breaking negative patterns
What your 6 basic needs are and why they must be fulfilled properly
Rules to feel calm in tough situations
How to find the meaning in life
What your primary question in life is and how it affects you
The truths you unconsciously created in your own mind and why they hold you back

What participants say about the knowledge David shares in WOW

Now is the time for change