Duration: 2 days


“Modern presentation skills – Step 1” is no ordinary two-day training in presentation skills. Crass terms, I would not like to call it a training but rather a developmental journey based on the latest scientific findings about communication and rhetoric with its many years of experience. The focus is not only on delivering a variety of theory combined with practical exercises, but rather to lift you and each individual participant from your current level to a higher level which is characterized by two things: Clearer communication and more successful presentations.

The developing journey consists of using the theory and individualized praxis and at least four custom presentations, a video recording and a highly appreciated individual coaching sessions at the end of the second day. For you as a participant this developing journey will in two days get you to overcome your nervousness, provide you with the knowledge, techniques, tips, and above all, it will definitely lift you to a new level of presentation skills.

No prerequisites are required.

Target group
Anyone who wants to develop their presentation skills are welcome. The level of the course fits the vast majority of presenters who feel they want to lift their presentation skills to a new level. If you have any concerns over your own level and how it fits, please contact us here at David JP Phillips as we will dissect it out together.

At the end of the course, you as a participant will feel confident in how to dispose, illustrate and deliver a convincing presentation that gives emphasis on your core message. You will also have a self-perceived experience of what you’re doing right and what you can do better in the future and how it feels.


  • Modern research in Communication
  • Reduce and manage your nervousness
  • Body language and noise
  • Eye contact and facial expressions
  • Four voice instruments
  • Preparation
  • Basic rhetoric knowledge
  • The vital structure of a presentation
  • Introduction and finish
  • Stay on the right path(red thread)
  • Structure for building a presentation
  • Manuscript
  • How to be spontaneous
  • Death By PowerPoint
  • Other tools
  • How to handle questions

Practical exercises

  • 1 communication exercise
  • 4 indvidual presentations
  • 2 individual coaching sessions
  • 1 collective coaching session
  • 1 perception exercise