Duration: 2 days

Background: After 3 years of development, it is finally finished. An intermediate course in Presentation Skills that is just as amazing as our Presentation Skills step 1 education.

Maximum number of participants: 6 (8 under exceptional circumstances)


After having been examined in the “Modern Presentation Skills – Step 1”, we know that you as a participant knows how to dispose, illustrate and presents a really good basic presentation. What now remains is to lift your rhetoric, your choice of words and the way you express yourself. We also place great emphasis on video analysis in which we individually and collectively analyze you and the other participants. In your presentation we will now be focusing on your non-verbal communication (body language, posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and voice). In the contradiction to your non-verbal communication, we will also throw us into the world of other presentation aids. How and what we can use in the form of aids. Last but certainly not least, you’ll learn to keep a grand and powerful speech.

Participation and approval in “Modern presentation skills – Step 1” is a requirement.

Target group:
This course is aimed at anyone who wants to lift their presentation skills to new heights, who wants to find the little things that make the big difference that wish to acquire a more powerful language.

After the course have ended, you as the participant will be fully aware of your non-verbal communication as well as be able to vary and express your rhetoric, depending on needs and desired results. You will also have full insight into which means you can use and how to build and deliver different types of presentations.


  • Quick repetition
  • Body language Step 2
  • Non-verbal communication
  • The instruments of the voice Step 2
  • The small but important details
  • Affect your audience in ways you didn’t think possible
  • Video-analysis
  • Video-analysis of exceptional presenters
  • Rhetoric Step 2
  • Rhetorical analysis
  • The latest scientific findings in rhetoric and communications
  • Learn how to deliver a speech
  • Priming
  • The Halo Effect

Practical exercises

  • 6 individual presentations
  • 2 coaching sessions
  • 2 individual coaching
  • 1 collective coaching
  • 2 active coaching