Duration: 60 minutes

Description: It has been described as the world’s most powerful and influential weapon – the art of speaking – the art of persuasion – a tool responsible for winning presidential elections, creating full blown empires and making the unsellable sellable. It is no doubt a powerful tool, however, there are a few things we need to understand to get the grip of why it is. Only when we fully understand that will we be motivated to apply and use that knowledge – which is the main objective of our lecture “Modern Rhetoric”. When you as participant leaves the premises an hour later, you will, from a neurological and psychological perspective, understand why rhetoric is so powerful, how it infiltrates the brain like small Trojans and what techniques you should apply to start using rhetoric – and gain noticeable results right away. The lecture is suitable for everyone, regardless of background, since the content of the lecture is the foundation of all presentations, whether the goal is selling, argumentative, educational or informative.


  • The golden triangle from a neurological perspective
  • To be masterfully convincing on command
  • To be able to read a person or a message and know what is missing to be compelling
  • Ethos – How to “hack” a brain
  • Logos – the power of logical argument and the danger of misusing PowerPoint
  • Pathos – the limbic system and the pressure wave-like power it has over our brains
  • Rhetorical figures
  • How to create constant motivation within your listeners
  • Loads of helpful tools and tips that can directly be turned over after the lecture
  • Metaphor – the god in the rhetoric
  • Analysis of a president

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