Duration: 60 minutes.


Moving Mountains could be one of the most crucial lectures you ever brought into your organization. Why? Because it touches on the subject that is often obvious but more often impossible. The lecture focuses on moving your mountain. Every presentation, every communication, every meeting has one, single purpose – to move a counterparty’s personal perspective, knowledge or position – or sometimes even realize that it is your perspective needs to change.

Everyone tries heartedly, but few succeed. Way too often leaders shoot from the hip and cling on to the hope that change will occur. Maybe in the meeting all agreed, only for nothing to happen in the end. ”Moving Mountains” is a revolutionary and fun lecture where you learn about how your and your recipient’s brains work and how to touch and persuade with the purpose of creating long-term change and foster performance for real – both for yourself and others. The lecture is based on the latest research in neurology and biology.

Target group:

The lecture fits leaders, vendors and trainers. In short, anyone who has a need to create change through their communication.


  • The Brain’s structure
  • The Motivation Model
  • The Arch of Influence
  • In which situations do we make decisions, how do we make decisions and what underpins them
  • Good and bad examples
  • Inspiration
  • Specific tools can be directly converted and used

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No restriction

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