Length: 60 minutes


Based on the latest research on the brain’s structure, biology, psychology, and neuromarketing. This gives you and your sales force a wonderful inspirational hour, an hour which will open your eyes to a new way of thinking. BUT we do not like the idea of just inspiration, which is why all sellers will receive a bunch of new tools they can directly use when the lecture is done. To give you a taste of the content it may be worth mentioning that no matter how much of a critical thinker* you might be, most of your shopping decisions are made for you by someone else. Often it was decided by someone else at another time or even produced right then and there in the store. The only question is how someone managed to put those decisions in your head and how they got you to buy just what they wanted you to buy. Basically, it is about a biological miracle that weighs 2.6 lbs. situated between your ears controlling your decisions, defining your personality and is behind everything you are. Thanks to today’s science, we now know more than ever about these 2.6 lbs. and how to get control of it. We cannot control our buyers, but we can definitely affect them.

*Critical thinkers have proved to be even more affected by these techniques than less critical thinkers

Benefits from the seminar:

You will gain basic knowledge of how the brain and the brain’s various components works interactively during a decision and how you can, with relatively simple means, affect both yourself and others in that process. During the lecture, we will demonstrate a number of techniques and tools for you to take with you and immediately use in your next sales situation.

Target group:

The lecture is addressed to all, from the most experienced sales staff to the newly hatched sellers.


  • The structure of the Brain
  • The structural process in a purchasing decision and the enormous influence hormones and neurotransmitters has over it
  • Practical techniques and tools to plant ideas and methods to get through the various gate guards in the brain
  • Inspiration

Number of participants:

No restriction

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