Is there a recipe for becoming an excellent speaker?

We know there is, and its finally here! Effective communication is crucial for a company to prosper, still no one has managed to measure it properly, until now. We are proud to present an online course in presentation skills unlike any other course on the market! For the first time in history a course is available that pinpoints every strength and weakness that makes a presenter extraordinary and provides a standardized score that will serve as a proof of quality to the public.

In this course we break down every single detail that makes a speaker excellent, designed into 110 mini courses in one. You will get individual step-by-step coaching continuously to foster steady growth, and when you reach a certain score you will receive a certificate guaranteeing your personal level of excellence (bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond).

This also serves as a unique, objective tool for managers to be able to secure a minimum level of quality amongst sales reps, account managers and staff without the risk of any personal feelings or preferences getting in the way.

The concept:

You send a video of yourself presenting, we analyse it based on 110 different criteria’s (tone of voice, gestures, pauses etc), and give you a total score in between 1-10 as well as feedback on which specific areas you need to work on. You will be presented with a dashboard to easily overview your result. No matter what you need help with, there is a mini course to guide you through it! You practice for as long as you want, and when you feel like you got it, you send another video and receives a new score and feedback, along with new recommended mini courses. The beauty of this concept is that you can easily follow your improvement and most importantly, others can feel completely safe that you will deliver.

Your personal dashboard and course overview:

Sample video from the course:

Target group

Public speakers, managers, sales reps, account managers, teachers or anyone who wants to master the art of capturing an audience.


  • 110 mini courses on specific areas to work on
  • Hands on feedback from our experienced coaches
  • Individual dashboard to follow your personal gradient scale of improvement
  • Scientifically proven techniques with the sole purpose of making you a better speaker and communicator.
  • Certificate to use as proof of quality for your performance
  • A unique tool for managers providing an objective, standardized measurement of quality
  • Tons of inspiration, useful tips and examples

Price and license:

$50 for one license which can be used by one person for one year (this includes 1 video analysis).