Duration: 90-120 minutes

Throughout history people have been killed, hunted and wronged because of it. Even whole nations have turned to rubble because of man’s most powerful weapons: presentation skills and rhetoric. This can sound intimidating, but when the techniques are used correctly they create success, not devastation. For 1-2 hours, you will receive hands-on guidance and be introduced to a useful toolbox that you can put directly into practice to become safer, clearer and more convincing in your future presentations.

The lecture is suitable for all, regardless of background. The content of the lecture is the foundation for all presentations, whether the focus is selling, argumentative, educational or informational.

The content of the lecture depends on the length of the lecture. We will discuss the final selection of content together, depending on your needs. Below is a selection of possible elements of the lecture.


  • The foundation for all presentations
  • Rhetoric
  • Body language
  • The voice
  • Mirroring
  • Structure
  • How we create memories
  • Excerpts from the lecture “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Creating and maintaining interest

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