Duration: 1 day
Number of participants: 5-100


Few techniques, if any, are as powerful as a story. A story penetrates the brain and persuades it in a way that simply is astonishing. In your organization, you have lots of stories, but probably not in a collective form and unlikely to be optimized. In this workshop, we do just that. We gather your team, give them a deeper, scientific understanding of why storytelling is so powerful, then provide them with the basic building blocks and secrets of how to optimize a story and deliver it. Then we ask everyone to develop their own stories as they would tell their customers. The participants will be sharing their story, they will be optimized through guidance from the workshop teacher. In the end, they will also learn how they deliver it.

The last moment occur later after the workshop – when we will “wash” and optimize your story even more, “washing” meaning that we make them even more professional. You will then receive them back in printed versions, nicely formatted and ready to be shared to everyone in your organization or even to your customers.

No prerequisites are required. If possible, please let the participants think of a story before the workshop. A story that they usually tell customers or internally in the company.

Target group:
This course is aimed at anyone who wants to convince through storytelling. Leaders, Vendors, Educators for example.

Objective knowledge of what storytelling is and its immense power over us. During the workshop we will work together to find and develop your stories.


  • The structure of the brain
  • How storytelling influences the brain
  • Different types of stories
  • Good and clear examples
  • Your stories and which to use when
  • Good basic storytelling structure
  • Choose the right story for the right purpose
  • Create a story-bank
  • Functional elements and techniques in your stories
  • How to use your voice correctly
  • How to use body language to your advantage
  • Dramaturgy
  • Storytelling and the biological effects

Practical exercises

  • 8 presentation exercises
  • Development of your own stories that you brought