In 1976 David JP Phillips was born in a small city in Sweden. With two loving parents who raised him with two different languages. His father being British and mother being Swedish. From a young age he found a strong interest about the human brain, signal substances and the way we act in different situations. He read and studied everything there is to come across. After several years of devoting himself it was time to make a difference.


It all started in 2008 when David JP Phillips the founder of Sweden’s largest Presentation Skills training company, international speaker, author & coach, started to help people around the world in the greatest ways with their skills in communicating with others. 

David JP Phillips is best known for his book/ seminar “How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint“, delivered at TEDx Stockholm in 2015.

Published in more than 30 countries, the book explains efficiently and in an entertaining tone, 42 techniques on how to dramatically increase the efficiency of your communication all while remembering that the main presentation is yourself, while all the slide decks that many of us sweat over are merely a visual aid. 

After some years, he made sure to make people understand another skill that we have used for thousands of years. A skill that we can master even more and make sure to use in our daily life. Specificly in our business life. 

So in  his second TEDx Stockholm talk, David shows you how to become a great presenter, salesperson or even a leader using the power of storytelling.

It now gave a new meaning to be a storyteller out of what David always is working from. The findings of how the human brain is working and how we can benefit from that knowledge. A mindbending idea worth spreading, So he took the world with amazement.  

“Your stories are not just stories but rather a tool that moves the person you tell them the way you want” – David JP Phillips.


He is also the founder and owner of Sweden´s largest resource on the subject "110 Steps"

In simple words, 110 Steps is the world’s most extensive online coaching platform for speakers and presenters.

David spent seven years studying over 5,000 speakers in order to create a model that could define and systematically teach speakers how to become as great as they desire.

The number of skills he found was 110, now defined as “the 110 skills of excellence “. The more of them you fulfill and the higher you score on each the greater you are as a presenter. That became his 3rd TEDx but this time in Zagreb.  

In this talk he gave humanity a glance of how you can as an amateurs or professional for the first time in history the possibility in detail look at every single skill a communicator from stage or in a presentation uses in order to deliver their message. This TEDx talk gives the very most important ones to bring with you to your next presentation or even everyday communication.


Today David JP Phillips is a global name and his business is working on world wide level. David is still developing new ways for us to become the best version of ourselves. 

One of the recent findings that he is giving to humanity is the way to lead ourselves. He now has founded the class WOW Self-leadeship.

Groundbreaking insights in how you work as a human being. Findings that will take your life to the next level. 

“There is no quick fix to being happy, being happy is a lifestyle” 

– David JP Phillips

David JP Phillips truly believes that every single human being has the right to get the tools and skills, wherever, whenever and should not be held back in optimizing their ways of communicating with others.

Since 2008 David has built a team of men and women that is a part of the David JP Phillips organization. As a global team they have spent the last four years building the unique i-Learning world of HeadGain. A world which is a direct reflection of David JP Phillip’s brain in both content and application! HeadGain will give humanity practically every piece of knowledge, insight and skill it needs to excel in communication, presentation, public speaking, leadership, sales or simply excelling as a human being!

David JP Phillips is endorsed as one of the top 30 Communication Professionals by globalgurus.org. Truly by understanding that sharing is caring David is now embarking every human on this planet Earth to join…

For the first time ever, no matter where you live and what you work with, you can learn and apply every single skill and become a true Master of Communication!…. all in your own time and place.