Length: 60-90 min


Welcome to your organization’s most important lecture! With a background in biology and Neurology, David JP Phillips organization is giving a lecture affecting the core of perseverance. The lecture literally gives each employee the tools to be able to choose and create a better workplace, with higher job satisfaction, both for themselves and their surrounding colleagues. The lecture is not a motivational lecture but more about creating deeper, long-lasting and sustainable results for the participants. For many, this lecture will provide new knowledge and experiences that will change the way they look at themselves, their colleagues and their organization forever.

The lecture takes the participants on a journey through the brain, and displays how inspiration, motivation and even our willpower, if used in the wrong way, can be obstructive to self-development. The lecture provides a better “manual” of how our brains works, and what steps to take to create real and lasting changes in ourselves and thus also in our organization.

Participants will gain insights and methods for more effective cooperation, why feedback and criticism are crucial for development, what hormones directly controls and affects us and what truths holds us back from being our best versions of ourselves. With the right tools we really can be, and facilitate reaching the full potential of the organization.


  • The overall job satisfaction and the joy of all individuals
  • There are 2 different organizations, which do you choose to be? (Oxytocin & Serotonin)
  • Self-leadership for the individual
  • Friction-freer cooperation
  • What negative effect critique and feedback can have on us and how we turn it around for positive change
  • The basics of how the Brain works, what control us and how can we can influence that control to suit our needs
  • Our drivers and utilities to control the real development of ourselves and the Organization
  • Our hormones: Oxytocin, Serotonin, dopamine, cortisol and their direct influence
  • The incomprehensible negative power Oxytocin can embody, if wrongly used
  • Our truths that can be our lies,
  • Different drivers of motivation and why one of these can be directly harmful
  • How to create a driving dopamine in someone else

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