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deserve more then
just a keynote! So we modernized the concept and made it into a three step journey.

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Delivered either LIVE wherever you wish or via LIVE STREAM.



Handpicked chapters from JPUNIVERSITY. COM gives all the participants the opportunity to deep dive and learn more about the subject.



Participants can ask any questions they wish at the Q&A video conference which takes place about 4 weeks after the keynote


Digital Presentation Skills

In a rapidly changing world where more meetings and presentations are moved online every day it’s absolutely crucial to own the setting and skills required.

With the back ground of David’s successful TEDx talks in Death By PowerPoint and the 110STEPS of public speaking he brings yet another 

The magical science of storytelling

This keynote is one of the most viewed TEDxTalks in the world on the subject of Storytelling!

The subject itself, storytelling, is by far the most powerful tool in leadership, sales, marketing, teaching, yes almost every communication situation. The difference in our case is that David’s keynote ”The Magical Science of Storytelling” covers storytelling from a scientific point of view which makes it more relatable and useful for the participants.

How to avoid Death By PowerPoint

Today’s most relevant keynote? This could very well be the case. According to Swedish studies PowerPoint is used in 92% of all presentations. 81% of these presentations were deemed “terrible” by the employees. But why is that and what is it that makes them so terrible? PowerPoint is one of the absolute best visual aids, but only when used correctly.

The Angels & Devils Cocktail

A thought, leads to an action, the sum of all actions in an organization is the receipt of success or failure. Learning how to control your thoughts is the definition of self leadership. But there are many variants of self leadership. This keynote will give many of the participants an insight they didn’t know they could get accompanied with tools they never knew existed.

Modern Presentation Skills

This Keynote is unlike any other keynote on presentation skills. To begin the entire keynote is based on the neurology and biology of the brain, making it incredibly relatable. But to pick it up from there a large part of the content comes from David’s 5000 speaker study where he defined the 110 skills we all use when communicating. The keynote is filled with laughter, insights, skills and techniques!