How To avoid death by powerpoint

His first international breakthrough came when de delivered his TEDx-talk “How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint” which became a global sensation with millions of views.

The magical science of storytelling


His second TEDx talk ”The Magical Science of Storytelling” is the biggest talk on Storytelling and propelled him onto some of the largest stages in the world.

The 110 steps of communication


This third TEDx talk was based on studying 5000 public speakers in order to define every skill we use. This talk truly launched his high level coaching career.

Book launch


David’s very first book is launched and became an immediate massive hit. Within 3 months the rights had been sold to 30 countries/languages.


He revolutionized public speaking and is on verge of doing the same in self leadership. He has 3 kids, a wife and an awesome team of 15 people and lives in Sweden. But who is he?

David grew up in ”Edsbyn” a small quaint village in the middle of Sweden. His father was English, his mother Swedish. Which to a certain extent explains his initials JP. You see, Anna, his mother loved the works of Jean-Paul Sarte and proposed the idea of giving David, the middle name of “Jean-Paul”. His father, Duncan, being the proud English chap he was had apparently exclaimed “Over my dead body, his name shall be English – let’s compromise and call him ”David John Paul Phillips. And so it was agreed.

He was always an entrepreneurial, curious and creative and whatever everyone else did, he did the opposite which he has kept on doing ever since. For instance, did you know that he has never read a book or attended a training on communication, public speaking or presentation skills? The reasoning was that if he did, his works and training would just become a copy of others. Instead he choose to and still applies the same 4-step method today of: “Observe, Analyse, Apply, Document”. And by so created material the world had never seen before – materials which have led to recipes which can create world class talks.

His first job at 18 was actually at Microsoft, as a support technician! He was incredibly tech savvy you see. One thing led to another and he started his own IT company when he was 20 which became a brilliant success in just two years. But then suddenly one day, his partner fled with all the company money and the dream came to an end. This however led to him being headhunted to teach his tech skills to groups, something he did with passion and excelled in. He realised that all you had to do was be good at the skill of teaching and that could be learned by anyone.

At 26 years of age he had finished the training job, got a job in London as an e-learning director and headed up that department for a couple of years before the telecom-crash came knocking on the door. So he headed back to Sweden where he now started his own training company and decided then and there to build the best “Presenter Mastery” course the world had ever seen – all based on what he had “Observed, Analysed, Applied and Documented”. His training has since then evolved according to the same principle and is used by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Oracle and many other top tier companies around the world.

But then came darkness… At around 39 years of age he realised that he had been depressed his entire adult life. And upon that realisation he applied the same 4-step method to this “problem” and hacked his own depression within 12 months. This at the same time unlocked the final key in public speaking, a key he had been looking for but never before found. The key to mastering your own mind, your own internal communication. And so he created a new training program called ”WOW Life Mastery” which thousands of people attended in just a couple of years. This then led to him writing a book on the subject called “High On Life”. The book became an immediate hit and is currently being translated into 30 languages and will be published to more then 2.5 billion people.

The story goes on.